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Enameling – is a process of drawing of a thin layer of special glass (enamel) on a surface of metal products – has so far reached such a degree of perfection that it was possible to speak about the enameled metal as about the composite material combining strength properties of a metal base with corrosion resistance of glass.

Enameling of steel, cast iron, aluminum, titan, non-ferrous metals and alloys is one of effective ways of protection of their surface against corrosion.

Enamel coverings have a number of advantages over other anticorrosive coverings: the increased corrosion resistance to solutions of acids, alkalis and salts at rather high temperature (usually up to 300 ° C, in special cases up to 600 ° C), the invariance of operational properties for decades, total absence of tendency to aging, mirror smoothness of the surface causing very low coefficient of friction and lack of adhesion to her high-viscosity polymeric substances and firm allocations from oil products, ease of cleaning, a high gigiyenichnost, resistance to the corrosion increased by durability on attrition, resistance to influence of the atmosphere.

LLC Alfaprom-Emal specializes in development, production and installation of modern facade systems. The main innovative activity of the company is the release of the enameled panels for the ventilated facades. (Alternative name, "ceramic-metal panels".)

Facade panels with a vitreous enamel covering have unsurpassed anti-vandal firmness and durability of operation. They have perfectly established itself in facing transport constructions – tunnels, stations of the subway, stops of city transport and railway stations. The excellent resistance to atmospheric effects, graffiti and abrasives meets high requirements of architects and designers to modern facing materials.

Thanks to high quality of our production and a full cycle of production in the territory of Russia the Alfaprom-Emal company has been accepted to the members of the committee of business in the sphere of construction of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Our team of professionals will help to realize most fully and quickly conceived project.